Start & Stop System

Innovative self-ignition and timed shutdown system.

The Start&Stop System, patented by Ardesia srl, is an innovative self-ignition and timed shutdown system that can be applied to any industrial electrical device.
The system consists of a pressuresensitive Walk-On Panel and a Control Unit. The Walk-On Panel, which is sensitive to the pressure exerted by the operator’s weight, acts as a switch and switches on the machine.
When the operator, for any reason, leaves the workstation, taking his weight from the area of the Walk-On Panel, the Control Unit activates the timer that starts the automatic shutdown.
The Walk-On Panel is modular, meaning that it is possible to install more than one in series.
The Walk-On Panel can also be equipped with a low-absorption electric heating system, ideal for all large industrial environments where it is difficult to maintain an ideal temperature for operators.
Optionally, Ardesia can create an individual Walk-On Panel of the length required by the customer.

The Ardesia Start&Stop System is the ideal solution for energy saving and machinery wear prevention due to discontinuous use.
The Ardesia Start&Stop System can be applied to any type of machinery.


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Innovative self-ignition and timed shutdown system Start&Stop System



Plus of the model Start&Stop System

  • Energy saving

  • Wear reduction

  • Easy to use

By using Ardesia Start&Stop System no more non-automatic devices in operation without the presence of the operator

The Ardesia Start&Stop System prevents equipment wear due to discontinuous use

The Ardesia Start&Stop System control unit is equipped with an easily programmable timer

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