Def the mud separation plant.

The water treatment process is based on the chemical principle of flocculation, ie the progressive enlargement of the particles present in a solution up to separation, in the presence of a specific reagent (flocculant additive).
The Def sludge separation plant is equipped with an independent pump which is introduced into the tank from the cab. The waters to be purified are conveyed by the same in the separation tank. The reagent must be added to it and at the same time the stirring system will have to start working.
The mud will be conveyed into a suitable container, consisting of a polypropylene bag, which will also filter any water left in the sludge.


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Def the mud separation plant



Standard equipment Def

  • Support structure

  • Water tank to be treated

  • Valve with drainage bag connection

  • Clean water collection tank

  • Compressed air water agitator

  • Immersion water pump

  • Wired electrical panel IP55

  • Drainage bag (2 pieces)

  • Staircase with security balcony

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Def technical scheme
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